Poetry Friday! (9/1/17)

Yeah, I do have poetry Monday. What’s wrong with two poetry days a week? Sounds like double the good idea to me. Seriously this week has been way to stressful to not have a poetry Friday.

This poem is called “Mirror”. It’s about some stuff I struggled a lot with earlier in my life. Due to the borderline obnoxious formatting I apply to my poetry, the PDF is necessary. Enjoy!

Mirror<————-Click this fancy link to open the poem in a PDF




*Art-work disclaimer: I did draw this cover image, but it was for a school project in which we had to interpret an image from one medium to another. Thus, the composition is not original. I tried really hard to find the original, but was unable. It was similar to this, except with less wing, very different shading and black/light balance, no rain, and it was done in pencil. This one was done free-hand in black ink using the original as a reference/inspiration.

If the original artist ever sees this, please let me know if you’d rather me take this image down, as I understand it is relatively similar to your piece and not entirely my own. It is used here for entertainment purposes alone, and will never be used for financial gain or be unlawfully copyrighted.

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