Broken Mask (Poem)

A simple poem about the shallowness that many humans treat other humans with. Sincerity and honesty are important aspects of our species, and it’s sad to see them decline.


Tight-woven agony,

immaculately crafted,

My own false humanity,

Expertly grafted,

From skin to bone.


Tell me,

Am I pretty?

Do my posts convey the sense I’d be down to fuck?


Always hiding,

Our true nature,

Never trying,

To expose ourselves to others.


Tell me,

How can I be honest when everyone’s a stranger?

This mask suffocates us,

An impenetrable veneer controls society; in danger.


Help me destroy it,

Fuck their norms and fuck their rules,

I’m a misfit,

and that’s better than the tools.


Tell me,

Am I pretty yet?

Or does my honesty make you feel ugly?

Does my broken mask shine too much light at your mindset?

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