Daily Blog 9/10/17

So I took yesterday off for the most part. A good friend of mine was visiting from Illinois and we saw It. Was a really solid take on the book. It is one of my favorite King books, so it was cool to see such a well produced movie in that universe.

Start at the beginning: https://bluebeard-art.com/2017/08/27/daily-blog-82717/

Anyway, Enjoy!


Present Day-Silgan

Silgan pushed the syringe down as fast as he could, but it was a thick solution. Nessa, still screaming, began to convulse after about half of the solution had been infused. As the last drop was pushed into her circulation, Silgan removed the syringe and set it on the metal counter near his open briefcase. Her screams were shrinking, less force being exhaled as the seconds’ past. Hurrying, he opened the outer pocket of his briefcase and removed the tracker gun. He pulled the release on the gun to check if it was loaded, it was. Turning, Silgan placed the gun to Nessa’s lower neck and pulled the trigger. Dropping the gun to the floor, he brought his right middle and fore-finger to Nessa’s external carotid artery, just under the right side of her neck. The pulse was slowing. Please, fight.

Silgan heard the door to his back slam open, followed by quick, heavy footsteps. The angry bass of the giant radiated, “What the fuck are you doing, chemist!? You can’t kill her yet! We’ve just started!”

Still feeling her pulse–twenty beats–Silgan, in a condescending tone, said, “I don’t know how many marks you’ve worked buddy, but she didn’t know anything. I was saving us time.”

Taken aback, the large man shouted, “The boss is gonna here about this one, I don’t care who you think you are, arrogant son of a bitch. It doesn’t matter how good you–ten beats–are with your little mixtures, blowing a job this important could get us all killed!”

Smiling, slightly, Silgan responded, “If Governor Haskell has a complaint regarding my ability, I’d be happy to field his–three beats, constant–constructive criticism. An ongoing dialogue tends to produce productive results on both ends. For instance, maybe I can instruct him how to pick marks that aren’t useless little children.” Silgan removed his fingers from Nessa’s neck as the large man left the room, muttering inaudibly. Okay. This is not how we expected the morning to go, but we aren’t dead yet. Just play it close, Simon, play it close.

Silgan closed his briefcase, assuming a flat, innocuous expression, lips parting. Breathing deeply, Silgan turned, and headed for the open door with his briefcase in hand. As Silgan passed the guards, he half expected to be hit in the back of the head with the butt of a shotgun. He wasn’t. Alex and the large man were standing close to each other as he approached.

Silgan paused, as the large man said, “To be clear, the only reason you’re not dead right now is because Alex here swore up and down you know what the fuck you’re doing. I trust another veteran over some doctor any day.”

“Really? You’d kill me for doing my job efficiently? She’s dead, isn’t she? I don’t know when I became a glorified veterinarian.” Silgan responded, callously. As the large man shook his head, chuckling, Silgan looked to Alex, “Let’s go.” Alex, face blank, nodded, following Silgan towards the exit lift. Alex was silent as Silgan swiped his card. Somethings wrong. The pair stepped into the elevator. Alex pressed the ground floor button and the doors closed.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Silgan?” whispered Alex, broodingly.

Facing forward, Silgan said, “You know what’s wrong with me. Besides, she didn’t know anything. Just saved us some trouble by ending it early.”

Eyebrows raised, Alex turned to Silgan and asked, “So how come her screams sounded so…fake, after you injected her.” Silgan’s blood ran cold. Fuck, he knows. “Look, Silgan, I didn’t want to hurt her either, I ain’t like that, and I get why you’d put her out of her misery. What I don’t understand is why you’d place a tracker in a dying girl. Now, I got your back, and I thought you had mine, so, please tell me how the fuck this don’t end with a bullet in both our brains.”

The elevator opened, revealing the disheveled and time-worn lobby of the old mill. The pair stepped out and started towards the glass door. A dim-blue morning light illuminated Silgan’s anxiety-torn face as he responded, “That giant couldn’t tell what I’d done. Her pulse should be averaging around two to five beats per minute. Her eyes won’t blink, via the muscle relaxants stacked with the anesthetics. She’s conscious, but barely, she won’t be able to respond to external stimuli for at least three hours. All goes well, I find her body, get her out, set her up with a new ID, SS number, and send her on her way. I couldn’t let that poor girl suffer, let alone die in that place, not after what she’s been through. You saw the fucking scars and bruising, didn’t you?”

They were outside, the cold morning pecked at Silgan’s face. The driver wouldn’t have expected us so soon, he probably wouldn’t be back for another five minutes or so. Silgan turned to appraise his partner. Alex’s face was stony, his glasses hid his eyes, but the surrounding skin was contorted in a way that suggested they were closed. As Silgan averted his gaze to the cold earth, Alex swung his tool box violently into Silgan’s stomach. Gahh! What the hell.

Silgan doubled over, dropping his suitcase. Angrily, Alex shouted, “Don’t you ever do something like this without telling me first!” Alex kicked Silgan’s face, hard. “Don’t you ever play games with my fucking life, without even giving me a chance to fucking help you self-important prick!” Alex stomped on Silgan’s left hand, digging in with the steal plated heel.”

Silgan cried in pain, gritting his teeth, as he struggled to respond, “I’m sorry Alex, I should’ve told you!”

“Fuck you, man.” Said Alex, coolly, as he removed his boot. Silgan, struggled to get up, failing and falling back down. “God damn it. Too late to turn back now, chemist, clean yourself up.” Silgan managed to push himself onto his knees, before wiping the blood from his lip. Alex reached his hand out, Silgan eyed it, warily. “Well Christ on a cracker, take it before I change my mind, you death-wishing ballsy motherfucker.” He took Alex’s hand, who pulled him to his feet before continuing, “Besides, that plan of yours was pretty fuckin sly. I don’t know how you whipped up such a complex solution on the spot.”

Smiling, Silgan responded, “It was luck, I’d brought plenty of relaxants and anesthetics. You were right about the painkillers though, couldn’t have done it without a psychoactive opiate.”

Shaking his head, amused, Alex said, “I shoulda known you could do even more damage with those lil pills outside you than inside you.” Alex pulled out a small blue pen and a check book as the black sedan pulled around the corner. “Look, Silgan we gotta meet after we get dropped off. Gather what you need and go to this address.” Said Alex, scribbling on the back of an empty check before handing it to Silgan. What have I gotten myself into?



Thanks for Reading!

Next chapter: https://bluebeard-art.com/2017/09/11/daily-blog-91117/


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