A Serious Question #1

Is there anything more frightening than looking in the mirror, only to find a shadow cast?

The last of a mass where you lost your past, hoping against hope you can forage a new path.

Do you burn who you were,

rise through pain,

with nothing but hope to lose,

and a life to gain?

Do we need more?



The first step is always the hardest.

One thought on “A Serious Question #1

  1. I can not answer this for everyone, nor can I shed light on subjects unknown to me. I can simply speak from my own experience and hope it resonates with everyone here. I have come from a supporting home with loving family and friends. I come from a home where my parents divorced, yet they manages to maintain a relationship with me and my siblings. I come from a background where I couldnt make friends in my youth because of how I carried myself. I come from a place where my older brother looked down on me for being different. I come from a place where my sexuality isnt okay to talk about with different people in my family. I come from a place where every day I question what I should eat or let the hunger remind me that Im still alive. I come from a place where I recovered from my hardships and have for once found a place where I am happy. I will not sugar-coat anything; the road to happiness is harder than any I could have imagined going down. I have destroyed relationships, burned- and bombed 🙂 – bridges, made my parents and loved ones cry, and devoted more hours one should to making sure I like who I am each morning I wake up. I do not lie by saying it was easy to love myself, and many mornings I wake up and have to actively decide too. I must say this though….. It was all worth it. Every bridge I burned, every scar i got, every tear I cried made me who I am today, and I just hope that you all win your own personal fights. I cheer for everyone here, and I hope that your personal battles end with you all victorious. I love you all here, but especially you Bluebeard. Thank your for making such an open platform about subjects that resonate with me.

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