2 thoughts on “Quotes of a Cynic #20

  1. Wow, this one is really interesting and well-done piece. I noticed I had already “liked” it, but I guess I didn’t get a good enough look the first time. I like how the troubling is sharp and defined, while the lady has softer featured. But then, the parts of her infected (or being created by?) the creature have become sharper.

    All of your art is thought-provoking and creative, but this one is especially fascinating.

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    1. Thank you for the feed back 🙂
      This is actually an older piece back before I took a two year break from art (maybe six years ago) so I can’t really remember what I was thinking 😦
      I do know at the time I was experimenting a lot with surrealism and mixing 2D and 3D styles which I think you noticed with the “softer vs defined” comment.

      I also know the creature is painting the woman, I just can’t remember why. There was a reason, I’m sure.


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