Artwork in Progress + Steps


I recorded many of the steps along the way: 

Outline work:



Minor shading and reinforcing line-work:



Watercolor overlay and deeper mid-tone base:


Water-color detailing (Bad Picture, the light is reflecting off the heavier painted areas):


Heavy oil and pen shading+detailing in addition to skin shading and texture work (Current Progress):


It has taken on a bit of a surreal vibe with the self-harm symbolism being echoed through the blood-tinged smoke, the wrist, the smoking, and standing in front of a moving train. I like how dark I’ve managed to get the shadows as well. I need to go in with some white and highlight a few things, but I want to get basic mid-ranges handled on the train and grass before I do so.

The scene itself is from Finding Happy: Chapter 11, which hasn’t been released yet. I need to spend a week or two re-editing the flow of part one as a whole, at which time I’ll start releasing more hard-content. Another issues with these pictures is I couldn’t submit .Tif files, which really hurts the shadows in the current drawing, especially the hair. I’m going to try to figure out which compression file works best for it in future uploads, but I just wanted an update on artwork put out since it’s been almost a week and a half.



13 thoughts on “Artwork in Progress + Steps

  1. Here it is! Thanks for sending me the link. 🙂 It’s a gorgeous picture. Is it the metallic effect art materials that you’re waiting on? I don’t know how many different materials you like to use in your work but there are some lovely metallics in acrylic paint, and I have a set of oil pastels which are called “iridescent”. I could be wrong, but I think there are some iridescent watercolors (although likely expensive), or maybe there’s a medium that can be added to paint … Personally, I think it’s stunning, and I wouldn’t have thought about the train having a metallic effect except that you mentioned it. I like the surreal quality and the dark sort of vibe. I’m so glad I was able to see it properly. Thanks!

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    1. Hey RA, thanks for the feedback! I’m sorry this took me a while to get to, it’s finals week right now and I’m pretty busy. I have thought about using metal paints or sheeting (similar to gold leafing if you’ve heard of that) that I’ve used in some of my other recent drawings, but I’m not convinced it fits the theme. There’s already a lot of look at in this particular drawing and I don’t know if a metallic effect would be distracting. At the same time, it is a very dark and muted drawing. The moon and the train are the only real highlights or “bright” areas, and highlighting the train with minor metallic sheen may bring out the contrast. It’s more a matter of me not having the confidence to try it because I’ve sunk a lot of time into it and don’t wanna screw it up. I’m also considering a pearlescent or even iridescent watercolor. The only thing there is the background is actually done in an amethyst watercolor that basically interacts with light. You can’t really see it in the still picture though. I’m concerned it may clash with that.

      I have a few more metal sheets coming in a day or two here that I may use, I want to practice with them on something else before I attempt it though. My main concern is really just sticking with and/or strengthening the surreal aspect. So a more abstract form of detailing might not be bad either.

      Anyway, thanks again for your interest and feedback as well as your suggestions, I’ll have to look more into the iridescent watercolors.

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  2. Hi Bluebeard, I can tell from your reply that you are a seriously talented artist. I just mess around with mixed media, and my art is never beautiful. Heaven forbid that you do something to this gorgeous drawing/painting and then you don’t like it afterwards, when you’ve put so much hard work into it! I can understand your trepidation. Maybe as you say, you can practice with your metal sheets on something else to see the effect, possibly recreating a small version of something similar which has the same layers including a bit of amethyst watercolor to see how it all comes together. Clearly you are passionate about your art and put a lot of thought into the different components, and you know way, way more than I do. I’m a big fan of your art. No worries about replying whenever, just take it easy, and good luck with your finals!

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