Artwork: Pisces

The second piece of my Zodiac project. After Leo (found here: I really wanted to clean up the line-work and composition. This almost ended up looking a little too clean for the style, I think. This is probably the first time where I’ve had a reverse fore-ground, where the background is so noisy that it draws attention to the undetailed focus of the painting, which is a weird but kinda cool effect. Sorry about my shadow on the bottom of the picture, I have a very dark room and the light is currently out, so I had to use the window!

Concept: Pisces are all about finding that one person who makes them feel whole, there yin or yang, so to speak. To a true Pisces, life may not seem worth living until they find that person or thing that drives them. You know what they say, life was built for two.


6 thoughts on “Artwork: Pisces

    1. I appreciate the feedback on the foreground (I never really know what works well and what doesn’t), and that’s pretty cool. I’ve been flirting with oils a bit recently but haven’t learned many techniques yet. Been using a white oil for highlights, opacity, and hiding mistakes lol. I think you’re able to draw what you practice drawing. Landscapes and building are pretty tough for me, personally, but I practice people and animals and figures a lot. I mostly use abstract or impression-y backgrounds.

      I still don’t think I’ll ever get into acrylics aside from gesso, the plastic base and goopiness seems really unwieldy to me, and I can’t seem to get good contour with them.


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