Time is Tricky

Would you change something, anything, in your past given a chance? Could you deal with the consequences of that one decision? Could anyone?


Black ink and B2 pencil base with black, white, and grey charcoal (textured over a copper board). Highlights done in white ink (bleached not synthetic).


5 thoughts on “Time is Tricky

  1. I love the contrast in shading you did! Amazing job!

    To answer your question, no. I have this thing where I take philosophical discussions and ideas and spend a month thinking about them. One such month was covering the topic of identity, and that is where a lot of my basis for my answer comes from. To deny my mistakes or successes would be to deny key elements and events that make me who I am today. I am a middle class, white, gay, male, trumpet playing, musician, story enthusiast, son, brother, and community member. I have been called racist, faggot, misogynistic, terrible at playing trumpet/music, slow reading, idiot and so many other negative tags that go negatively with the tags I choose to identify with. The events that lead up to me earning each of those titles or keeping those titles all have contributed to who I am and what I believe in; how I view the world, and how I have grown. I am still experiencing the world, so by no means do I intend to give the impression I’m finished growing. But, I choose to accept the shit storm that came at me through life because it has (and continues to) shape who I am.
    Today, I have an incredible boyfriend, a rewarding (if at times tedious) job, and a family that continues to support me in all of my dreams. I have the time to give back to people in my community, and I have the patience (and sometimes lack of patience) to help steer me in various directions through life, and I wouldn’t give any of that up.

    Great page, Bluebeard, and I look forward to seeing what else you’ve been working on!

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    1. I think that’s an admirable way of approaching it. I find myself agreeing in large part. Mistakes make us who we are. I’m also really glad you’ve found happiness and peace in your decisions.

      I really appreciate the critical thoughts and kind words, Jim.

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