Lines? No Lines?

There’s something beautiful in the realization that the absence of pigment can be just as, if not more, impactful than a bold line.

It’s a subtle concept that bleeds into the rest of life. What you don’t say. What you never try. Where you never go. It all says just as much as your deliberate actions.

Not doing something seems to have some sort of negative connotation attached, but I’d argue there are times when not doing something takes strength and courage. Just a thought, though.


13 thoughts on “Lines? No Lines?

      1. “Force myself to look at it”
        There’s the old Bluebeard sarcasm. I’m still waiting for more stories by the way!! Especially a new wall spider.

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      2. I’ll send you the updated manuscripts. I stopped posting writing on here because it was a little long-winded for the medium and I didn’t want to spam people with how long the books have gotten lol.

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      3. Those are good questions that I should try and figure out. : )

        Hopefully one day they’ll get published. One project is around 80% done and the second is around 40%. Heavy editing is going to be needed as well before I even think about trying to publish. But it’s definitely a goal!


  1. Okay!!! I’m a fan! I really like the way you think. Thank you for sharing your lively insight… and your beautiful dreamy art.

    This piece is dreamy. I’m in love with the sky… and it reminds me of him.


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