My room is kinda like my creative space. It usually matches how I’m feeling. So it’s been super organized and neat this semester since I’ve been in such a great head space. The colors of the room change with the LED light strip behind the over-sized monitor. The tapestry covers my window, which both looks cool and keeps the light levels pretty low (This was taken at 4:30 PM).

I replaced the obnoxiously bright fluorescent with some mercury vapor black-lights. I have a thing against really bright light when it isn’t from the sun. Either way, setting the LED strips to white light creates ideal lighting for drawing. It dims the white of the paper a little so I can visualize what it’ll look like when I add the real highlights. You also get a really accurate perception of the tonal balance with no glare.



I’d send the other wall, but the artwork and decals are a little over the top for this blog. (I’m a fan of a few hardcore bands and their art isn’t as PG-13 as mine 😉

PS: Bonus points if you can find the three Illuminati triangles and the two spots I’ve vandalized the wall. (I’m close friends with the RA so I’m sure she’ll be cool with some white-out :P)

PSS: Mom if you’re looking at these it definitely does not say fuck college. I’d never write something like that on my wall! *Looks back in forth guiltily.








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