Vertebra – Photo-manipulation

A straight photo-manipulation my friend and I made using a mix of personal and free assets. It was a fun day trip driving out to Des Moines to gather a plethora of photos, and this is what we came up with. I think it could have gone a lot worse considering our relative inexperience with photography.

Putting it together was also difficult, as we had something like three hundred pictures to comb through. Anyway, I had fun putting it together!


copr Blu-art 2018

7 thoughts on “Vertebra – Photo-manipulation

      1. Studies are good, I’m doing my paramedic this summer and fall which I’m enjoying a lot so far. Lot of work though, been having trouble writing because I end up pretty drained whenever I have time. So I’ve been drawing instead. Can’t wait to write though, it’s been bothering me lol
        How’s your writing been going?

        And thanks for asking!

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      2. Sometimes I’m drained too. I get it. Writing is such a solitary need inspiration type craft. I hate it when it hits me while I’m driving. I cant get home fast enough or stop the car somewhere. Don’t let it bother you. The dreams are simmering. Soon… the moment will just grab you!!

        I’m so happy you’re working on your goals. That’s very important! 🙌

        I’m rewriting my novel. I’m listening to my beta readers and after having left the project for a while, reading over it again… I rolled my eyes and went… ugh!!! I can do better than this. 😉

        I’m a work in progress and so is my writing.

        😍😘 Hugs! And so much love to you!

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  1. This ones pretty dark but it’s really cool when you look close and see how the pictures form into her back. Great job!


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