The Bluebeard project is a multimedia production with dark, hopeful, melancholy, and metaphorical undertones. My goal is to entertain while presenting complex issues in an honest and hopefully, atypical way.

The stories, writings, and artwork here range from deep-psych-horror to care-free love stories, and most things in between. Currently, I’m writing two novels: “Saving Hadley”, and “Finding Happy”.  Saving Hadley’s rough manuscript is a few chapters away from done, as of writing. Finding happy, on the other hand, is only seventeen chapters strong at the moment.

My primary novella series include WinterSmith (Straight fantasy-horror) and WallSpider (A brooding psycho-thriller with major undertones of social dissonance).

I strongly encourage anybody who forms any opinions about any of my work to weigh their thoughts in. Don’t hold back, because your criticism is how I get better.



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