I don’t even have a beard.

The Bluebeard project is a multimedia production with dark, hopeful, melancholy, and metaphorical undertones. My goal is to entertain while presenting complex issues in an honest and hopefully, atypical way.

I’m currently preparing my novel “Just a Dream” for publication. This is a bit of a time-sink given all the semi-ambitious artwork I have planned for it mixed with the fact I’m trying to finish off this Chemistry BA (It won’t die!).  Oh, I didn’t mention the labor intensive editing that normally accompanies a five-hundred page narrative! Seriously though, I’d be done for if it wasn’t for A and E who have been amazing about offering critique and pointing out easy to miss grammatical errors. You guys are awesome! ❤

I strongly encourage anybody who forms any opinions about any of my work to weigh their thoughts in. Don’t hold back, because your criticism is how I get better.



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