Saving Hadley

Saving Hadley is an organic extension of a short story I wrote about a drawing. It’s a psychological thriller with a healthy dose of drama and horror. It deals with relatively mature subject matter, and should not be read by anyone under eighteen. The original short story is now chapter nine, eleven-1, and eleven-2 and can be found under the “Short Story” content heading.

To navigate different chapters, simply use the drop-down menu under the “Saving Hadley” heading. If you ever want the whole thing in a PDF or Word format, please contact me and I’d be happy to send you the most current edit in your desired format. The advantages to having the manuscript include:

*Being able to read the story in a continuous format.

*The formatting is much cleaner. The script-engine I used for the website does not allow for certain functions, such as reducing paragraph pacing and indentations.

When the book is finished, it will be released on most digital/e-book platforms for free. I will also provide a printed version (unbound) at cost.

Always feel free to comment or DM me about your impressions, criticisms, and ideas about various sections. Feedback of this nature can help me fix mistakes, improve prose, and flesh out important ideas. Enjoy!