Chapter Twenty-five


Present day

                Alex tapped his foot impatiently, checking his small Digitex watch, 9:13 AM. Did he get pinched? Could Haskell have really caught on so god-damn quickly? It wasn’t like Silgan to be two-minutes late, let alone thirteen. Something must have happened. Alex’s foot adopted an anxious beat, as Alex pulled out a cigarette, sticking it in his mouth and lighting it with a practiced flick of his wrist. He better of gotten into some sort of trouble, I’m risking my too-thin neck as it is for his sorry ass. And for what? To save random whore. Christ, I don’t understand Silgan, the prick. Alex’s foot halted, fist unclenched, as Silgan’s black Maserati pulled into the small barn. Annnd…he brings the fucking Maserati. All that money and doesn’t even have a spare fucking burner-car.

Alex took a deep drag, before walking towards Silgan’s now-parked sports car. I ought-ta fuck him up, again. As Silgan got out of the expensive vehicle, Alex shouted “Eh! You forget a clock? It ain’t fun, sticking my neck out like this, not when you’re sitting around stroking a limp dick!”

Silgan smiled, and said “Ah, Alex. It’s always nice seeing you. I almost hit some idiot mucking about in the road a few miles back. I also had to mix some extra putra–“

“Don’t you fucking use the putrescine excuse, not again, man! And what’s with the fucking Maserati? There’s probably a total of five of that car in this god-damn state, if not less!” Interrupted Alex, throwing his cigarette at Silgan’s car, in anger.

Silgan raised his palms, in submission, responding “Okay, I’m sorry man, it’s just a really important compound in a lot of my mixtures. I had stuff to gather. No point in wasting more time though, what’s with the barn?” He’s fucking lying through his teeth. I KNOW, something happened. He looks beat up too, more than I beat him, anyway.

            Calming, slightly, Alex said “Whatever, man. You armed? I got a few gauss-pistols from my guy.”

Eyebrows raised, Simon asked “Gauss-pistols? Damn, sounds expensive. What do I owe you?”

Smiling, now, Alex replied “Well you could suck me off, or just stop fucking up. Honestly, I don’t care as long as I make it to next week at this point.”

Nodding, Silgan replied “Point taken.”

“So, where’s the girl? Asked Alex, handing Silgan one of the gauss-pistols.

Silgan pulled his smart phone from his right suit-coat pocket, before tucking the magnetic pistol in the back of his suit-pants. A few seconds later, after some navigation, Silgan responded “Looks like she’s further out into the boonies. Only six miles from here, actually.” Thank fuck.

Visibly relieved, Alex said “Good, we got lucky. Could have easily fucked our window if she was farther.”

Silgan nodded in agreement, before asking “So, should we take your car?”  

“Good one, wise-ass. You know, your balls are huge. Borderline cancerous, might wanna get em checked.” Responded Alex, rolling his eyes.

As the two started for Alex’s low-profile silver Honda, Silgan responded “Don’t worry, I’m a doctor. I gave myself a physical this morning–just naturally huge.”

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