Chapter Twenty-one


May 25th, 2017

            Simon twisted the key, opening the side garage entrance to his home. I did it. It’s done, I avenged Hadley, avenged Adam. The black sedan had brought Simon back to his car, at which point he’d driven home. The bearded man had assured him the body would be disposed of in a manner that could never be traced back to Simon. He also told Simon to destroy the syringes he’d used and to burn his clothes.

Simon pulled his sweaty, black shirt off as he walked into his kitchen. After pulling the shirt over his head, he froze. What? How? Hadley sat at the counter, sipping a beer. She looked alive, not pale like Simon had found her, but her forearms had the cross shaped cuts. They had closed, formed thick scars, no blood. Hadley looked up from her drink, smiling wide as she saw Simon. She stood up, walked around the counter and headed towards Simon. She wore one of her regular band tank-tops over black jeans and the green ducky socks Simon always made fun of. Laughing, she said “You know, I like a little more foreplay than that, Simon. You’ve just walked in and your shirts already off!” Reaching Simon, who was still frozen in shock, she wrapped her arms around his slender abdomen, pulling him closer. She’s alive. Euphoria traveled down Simon’s spine, propagating itself, revitalizing his frozen emotions. As she leaned up, Simon bent, kissing her.

After a good ten seconds, between kisses, Simon whispered “I missed you so much, Hads. Why’d you have to leave me here, alone?”

“I never left, Simon. I’ll never leave.” Simon’s eyes started streaming. “Baby, don’t cry. What’s wrong? You’re here early, no work today?” Hadley carefully wiped at Simon’s tears. Suddenly, Simon lifted Hadley off the floor, carrying her in his arms, as she laughed. “Where are you taking me, you lecherous bastard!”

“To your favorite couch, milady.” Simon laughed in response.

Smiling, Hadley raised her eyebrows, before saying “Well you’re awfully polite for a kidnapper, aren’t you. This is some bluebeard level shit, right here.”

Suddenly serious, Simon replied “Well, just stay out of the closet, and the castle is yours, my love.” Simon carefully set Hadley down on the purple couch in the living room, sitting down beside her.

Hadley grabbed Simon’s hand, pulling it to her breast, before saying “Well, I suppose that’s fine, if you treat me right.” Simon moved forward, kissing her again as he massaged her breast. Hadley leaned back slowly, still kissing Simon, as she wrapped her hands around his short hair. Simon followed her lead, leaning over her as her head hit the pillow; long black hair bouncing out as she made impact. Hadley removed her hands from behind Simon’s neck, moving them instead, to his belt.

As she fumbled with the belt, trying to undue it, Simon wrapped his large hand around Hadley’s right ear, sinking his fingers into her thick, black hair. Pausing for a moment, he looked deep into her vibrant green eyes, studying her pronounced cheekbones, her slight, straight jaw, her gently parted lips, still moistened with anticipation. “You’re impossibly beautiful, Hads.”

Finally undoing Simon’s belt, Hadley chuckled, responding “Shut up and fuck me, you silly pirate.” Obligingly, Simon sat back, hands moving to Hadley’s black jeans. She quickly pulled her tank top off as Simon undid her pants, before speedily heaving his own off. Hadley started to pull her jeans off as Simon reached around her shoulders, easily undoing her black bra.

Jeans gone, Hadley pushed Simon playfully, before pulling him towards her. Simon positioned himself over Hadley while she softly ran her painted fingernails back and forth over Simons defined abdomen. She gave a soft cry, as Simon entered her. He maneuvered his muscular arms under hers, wrapping them around her back, before pulling her up onto his lap. Hadley kissed Simon, as she slowly moved her hips back and forth. Euphoria engulfed Simon, he felt alive, for the first time in months. Moaning slightly, Hadley pulled Simon’s head down, into her breasts and started to move her hips faster.

Simon bit Hadley’s nipple, playfully. She gave a small yip, before pushing his head against her chest harder. He gently pulled his teeth back, leaving his lips over her nipple, as he approached climax. He started to thrust harder, as Hadley pulled his face to hers, kissing him, again. Why is she crying? Why am I crying? Simon grunted as he climaxed inside of Hadley, who slowed her hips movements, still kissing Simon. Gently, she pulled away, saying “I love you.”

Simon’s chest tightened as she got up, starting to walk away. Frightened, he called out “Hads, where you going?” She didn’t look back, didn’t respond, as she left the room. Simon bolted to his feet and chased after her. But she was gone, vanished, gone, again. No…She…she was alive. She was just here, her arms healed, alive. Where’d she go, no, here, she was alive! Tears streamed down Simons face as he fell to his knees, hard. He leaned forward onto his hands, snot and tears falling onto the Cherrywood floor Hadley had picked.

After a few minutes had passed, Simon struggled to his feet, defeated. He walked back to the couch, grabbed his Jeans, putting them on. Hadley’s clothes were still there. How…Was she real or not? What’s happening to me. Simon choked, as the glaciers that had numbed his emotions for the past months melted. The fiery inferno that had consumed him had dwindled to a lonely spark, smothered in the ashes of his despair. He walked to the kitchen, world spinning. He opened the med drawer, fished out the Oxycontin, opened it, counted out six pills, and swallowed them one at a time. What have I become?

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