Cynic 32

You never truly understand how much time you’ve wasted until you’ve spent a little time doing the things you love…The things you should have been doing all along.

But no point in regret, because that just eats up the time you have left.

What’s Improvement Anyway?

To me it seems simple. Get a little better at being who you are each day. I’ve felt a lot less like a derailed train recently. All that’s changed: I’ve stopped trying to be something more than who I am. Instead, I just focus on being me. I think I’ve gotten better at being me, too. Sure I might fail at some stuff, but as long as I keep at it, I’ll get through it. I’m ready for you midterms!


PS: Thanks to my doggo Rufus for letting me use his pic on my Blog again. You a good boi ❤