Flowers where your Face should be – Artwork

Back to using leaves as canvases. I’ve decided I rather like leaves! They are plain enough to put things on but unique looking enough to effect whatever you put on them.

Flowers where your face should be13


I’ve got a lot of random art coming the next few days. Been holed up for a good week or two now just focusing on getting better. A major goal has been to get better at clothes, which I think I have. No clothes here but the next five or so have clothes.

Sometimes I Repeat (Poem)

We all do, though.

Sometimes I repeat<——–Click here for Poem PDF

Written 9/6/17


Picture info: Finally got around to doing the watercolor over-lay of the Hunger-Demon/WallSpider as well as some grey-tone shading on Amy’s back. I think it made the overall tone a little bit dark by reducing the contrast. As much as I like contrast, too much white can be a bad thing.

FullSizeRender (13)